Indonesia is the fifth worldwide rank of nations with a high number of stunted children (30-39%). In Jatinangor District, 55 of 144 elementary school children were stunted. Stunted is risk factor on decreasing of cognitive function. This study was conducted to investigate the factors influencing the cognitive function of 10-12 years old stunted children. Interviews were conducted on the parents of 10-12 years old stunted children with cognitive interference in Cikeruh, Jatinangor District, West Java between July to September 2018. A qualitative method by focused group discussion was done by trained personnel from the Midwifery Department and Pediatric residents. Ten of twenty parents of stunted children with cognitive interference were included in the interview consisted of seven mothers, one father, one aunt and one grandmother. The result of the discussion revealed that caused of stunted was said to be the familial factor. The parents stated that vegetables and fruits were rarely consumed and their children had poor appetites. Nutritional habits were the main factor influencing the cognitive problems of the stunted children.

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Tanggal Publikasi 21 April 2019
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Tahun 2019
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Tidak Terdapat Dokumen Untuk Publikasi Ilmiah Perceptions of Parents Regarding the Influencing Cognitive Function of Stunted Children: A Qualitative Study in Jatinangor District, West Java, Indonesia